Meet the Photographer

Lynn Stone's photos have appeared in such magazines as National Wildlife, Ranger Rick, National Geographic, Field and Stream, Outdoor Life, Natural History, Audubon, Reader's Digest, Smithsonian, Hoard's Dairyman, Yankee, Down East, and Alaska. Lynn's photos have also been published by, among others, Hallmark Greeting Cards, Avanti, the Franklin Mint, Purina, IBM, Citgo, Brown Trout, Willow Creek, Pet Prints, the Wall Street Journal and Zebra Studios.

Lynn was the exclusive photographer for In Praise of Labs and In Praise of Goldens published by Voyageur Press in 2007 and 2008, respectively. He has been the sole photographer for dozens of animal calendars. Lynn has also written about animals from the seven continents, largely in more than 500 non-fiction children's books, most of which were illustrated with his photos. His books and several magazine articles have featured stories about such iconic animals as brown bears, tigers, giant pandas, swans, wolves, penguins, and eagles.

Among his other story subjects: Sanibel Island, the Arctic, Antarctica, animal adaptations, farm to market processes, biomes, Florida's state parks, vultures, zebras, sharks, whales, and North American box turtles. Box Turtles published by Lerner, was named an outstanding science book and selectors' choice for 2008 by the National Science Teachers Association/Children's Book Council.

Lynn has consistently used his photography and writing to further environmental stewardship and activism, particularly in emphasizing the importance of protecting endangered habitats, endangered wildlife, and rare breeds of domestic animals.

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